Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy Weekend! But aren't they all?

Friday night I lay awake, unable to figure out how we could possibly do all that was scheduled.  My sister was down here for a visit from Seattle.  And since I hadn't seen her since last fall, I really wanted a time to chat face to face.  We got a call from one of the kids' birth family who needed help moving and needed muscles and our van. And our son needed to pick up that same van to use for a photo shoot for his business, One of my daughters had a college entrance writing test in the morning. And Jim had promised the kids' birth mother that he would take her to church with us.   All this in one day.  How can it work?

But it worked out beautifully!

I dropped my daughter off at the college while Jim took the van to the birth uncle's house.  While Jim was helping with the move, I was making calls to all the kids, with the plan of meeting around noon with my sister and her husband.  Jim was finished with the move and drove up just a few minutes before my sister.  We visited, then all met for pizza and then bowling.  Ezra was done with his first photo shoot in time to pick up the van at the bowling alley and was able to visit with my sis.  We had an awesome time visiting, playing, and talking. My sister was able to see her great nephew for the first time.  And finally, after everyone was tired and had enough visiting, Jim picked up a few of the birth family for church and we met there.

It was one of those times when things look impossible, but God worked things out.

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