Friday, July 15, 2011

Second day of blogging (I think!)

I'd like to learn some more things about blogging, but it's been such a busy day, I can't think.  And since my ungeeky mind can't handle extra geek info when it's overloaded, I'll forget about adding more until another time.  It's been one of those days when I had so much planned, but only got a little done.  It started out fine.  Of course Ms. D, my 13 yo, was at a good friend's house last night.  But I did have an extra 12 yo who slept over with Mr. I.  (I'll figure out cute nicknames for the two of them later, but, like I said, my brain is full.)  Mr. I was a bit out of it today because his friend had a birthday party.  It's interesting how kids with FASD, RAD, etc. just can't handle changes to routine.  Routine has been essential, even though it goes against how I flow.  But without it, the two of them get all whacked out.

 It's better than it used to be. When they were little, they hit, swore, and had awesome tantrums, even in public.  But now it's more subtle.  For example, Ms. D. giggled uncontrollably and kept putting her feet on the chair in front of us at the movies Monday, only to fall asleep 5 minutes into the movie.  Weird.  Especially for a 13 yo.  Well, none of my first four kids did things like that at that age.  But I knew that a number of triggers were making Ms. D get a bit dysregulated.  She was on the final day of antibiotics for tonsillitis which made her stomach feel bad.  Her brother and dad were out in the wilderness backpacking.  We had a girls night out with the older sisters and me.  She wasn't getting along with a neighbor girl.  Any of these things alone could send a kid with past trauma and prenatal exposure over the edge.  She had a few.  So of course she acted strangely.

So today, it was Mr. I's turn.  He wasn't so bad off, but he had his moments.  Times when he was pushy or demanding.  Times when he couldn't settle down.  Times when he would change his mind repeatedly, or talk to much.  Things that are signs of a child who is in danger of a melt down.  And he needed a bit of help to calm himself down.  So I sat next to him and watched a Numb3rs episode with him, helping him to get back into a calm place in his mind.  I tried to make time to help him to calm down.  He used to not be able to calm himself down, but now he is learning.  Maybe some day he will be able to calm himself down more consistently. But for now, he needs a little help.  Not as much as before, but still a little.  Hopefully the birthday party is going well.

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