Monday, July 25, 2011

Spills and FASD

Last night I washed the floor as I was waiting for the chicken to grill.  This morning I woke to a sticky floor.  Sometime in 12 hours, someone spilled something and didn't clean it up.

I noticed times when my two kids with FASD would spill things like a child half their age. They may  not realize they were holding their cup at an angle.  One doesn't put tops completely back on after using them. They bump into things often.  Balance and coordination can be affected by a prenatal exposure to alcohol.  They have broken things.  Towel holders, toilet paper holders, glasses, plates, toys, etc.  Some of the clumsiness could be attributed to RAD.  But as they heal from the RAD, some of the clumsiness stays.  The more alcohol affected of the two can barely ride a bike at 13.  She just says she doesn't like it. She couldn't walk on a low balance beam at 5 even though her little brother was able to run across it.  It's kind of sad.

It doesn't help to ask who spilled, dropped, or broke it.  They will deny something even when you catch them in the act.  If it was unintentional, they think they didn't do it, or they just don't notice.

I do have them clean their messes.  When they ask why I am making them wash the floor, I don't tell them it was because they dripped their smoothie.  I just tell them they need to help me out and the floor needs washing.

I still wash my floors a lot.  But they don't look like it.  We replaced a lot of things in our house, not because of rages, but because of clumsiness, which is a plus.

The county people try to prepare you for things to expect when you foster kids.  They didn't tell me I'd have to daily wash my kitchen floor but it would never be clean for long.  But really, the kids are more important than a sparkling floor.  And mopping is a good workout.

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