Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back from Oregon

While Hubby went to Nicaragua, some of the rest of the family decided to visit relatives for a week in Oregon.  We had a great time with the grandparents, sightseeing, berry picking, and a little shopping.  The older girls took care of three houses during the time we were gone.  Ours was the most difficult, since my silkworms have been ravenous and we have so many other animals and plants.  One of the little kids was having a difficult time with all the changes, plus knowing that Daddy was in a foreign country, so he had a few meltdowns or just was crabby a lot.  Grandbaby was teething and had a hard time sleeping. We went in two cars, the one with the baby mostly traveling by night and arriving at 3 am last night, the one I was in travelled during the day and arrived last evening after 12 hours of driving. Because of this, waking at midnight because of a dysregulated kid, and having a ton of work to do today to get things under control, I'm pretty wiped out this afternoon.  Maybe I can sneak in a nap while Mr. I is with a friend.  I'll write more when I'm halfway with it mentally.

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