Sunday, August 14, 2011

Church in Our Home

Last night we had church in our home.

I love the intimacy, the depth of relationships, the interaction in teaching, and the freedom to do things that in a larger, more organized church would be difficult.  Different people teach, host, MC, lead worship, pray, do missions, and reach out to their community. You don't just wait until what your gifting is matches with what is needed in the larger church.  You step out and do it.  Sometimes with others within and outside the church, sometimes alone.  That is how Hubby is able to go to Nicaragua.  He has the prayer backing and some financial support from others in the church, but he was able to go out and do what he felt God called him to do.  Also, in our meetings, we take turns hosting, teaching, leading the meeting, and leading worship. The Bible study is fresh.  It is current.  It is applicable to our lives.  We can ask questions or add to the discussion.  I think there is even less of a tendency to have bad teaching than in a larger church where there isn't the immediate accountability.  We can pray for each other more easily.  No one has to leave without getting prayer for something. Sometimes the worship is a little more difficult in a small setting.  There aren't that many musicians in a small gathering, and sometimes worshipping with recorded music is more difficult.  But last night was wonderful.  The pastor of The Gathering by the Bay, the network our church is part of, led music using his ipod.  I could really feel the presence of God, which was so needed with all that is going on in my life right now!

I love my church.

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