Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do You Think God is Trying to Tell Me Something?

Sometimes God seems to try to teach me things when I am the least busy...Like through dreams...Or as I wake up...

Sometimes He reinforces His message with odd and unexpected things...Like hearing the same message on the radio...Or reading something...Or seeing something on the news...

Sometimes it takes a few times and hard knocks to get His message across...Sometimes I can be so dense and need to hear things over and over...

This morning I woke up with a dream.

In the dream, I was visiting a large church in the neighborhood with some of my older and younger kids, without Jim, because he was on a trip.  We arrived early, but were directed to a parking lot far from the church.  The parking lot had people blocking my way who finally had me park in a sand dune that was forming in the wind.  I walked to the church, but the kids were distracted by some friends.  I told them to hurry, as the service was to start in a few minutes, and I would find us all a seat.  When I got to the church no one greeted me.  I had to chase down an usher to get a program.  Then when I tried to find three seats together, figuring the oldest ones would want to sit by themselves, people kept moving their stuff, saving seats before I could save the three for my family.  One row was empty, but as I got near, two ladies started to place their Bibles, jackets, and such so that there were only two seats left.  As I went toward the back, people brought out new chairs, but immediately saved seats for their friends so I couldn't get any.  Meanwhile, the music started, the kids came in, and I started crying out with tears, "I only need three seats!"  No one listened.  No one really cared.  They were all caught up in their own stuff, their own needs, their own friends.  I couldn't believe how they treated a new guest!  I felt so unwanted and unloved, and was so frustrated!

After waking up from that dream, I opened up a puzzle book.  I like to do different puzzles when I'm sorting out thoughts.  Well, this time I was doing a Quotagram, which is a word puzzle that when you finish there is a quote.  Here it is:

Behave toward everyone as if receiving a great guest.

Don't you think God is teaching me something?

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