Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homeschool Time!

Today we are starting our homeschool for the year for the two youngest.  This, despite I'm not ready, despite Hubby is still in Nicaragua, despite the stress of homeschooling kids with lots of letters, like FASD, RAD, PTSD.  I start not because it's good timing for our family, but because I follow the neighborhood public schools' schedule.  My kids are so social, and to continue a little school during the summer is nearly impossible with kids at the door every day. I've had the curriculum for months and the kids know the routine.  They even started their math last night before bed, they were so excited to start.  But it's a scary thing to teach kids who normally don't like to learn, because when it gets difficult, the fussing, tuning out, and rages start happening.  FASD has especially affected my daughter, who will one day know something and not the next, only to remember the day after that.  Her reading comprehension has never been very good, even when she attended a school.  She has a hard time following a chapter book, even when read to her, because she can't always remember what was read the day before.  When stressed, she disassociates and just stares, which is one of the reasons I pulled both of them out of school. I'm pretty scared this morning.

But school must go on!

I hope to begin the year with a good, cheerful attitude.  I hope to make learning fun.  I hope to help the kids, who have had so much against them, to lead a good life, loving God, and being the best that they can be.  It will take more than I have to do this. It seems impossible to me. Yet God has a way of bringing us through impossible situations.  It's a good thing He is bigger than anything we can throw at Him.  And He loves and cares for us more than we can imagine.

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