Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hubby is Home!

Hubby just came home yesterday afternoon from Nicaragua.  I am amazed at how well things went there and at home while he was gone.  Oh, we had our share of dysregulated kids and a broken dishwasher, and Hubby was hot and couldn't take a warm shower for three weeks, but all in all, nothing major went wrong. And a lot went right and beyond expectations. Traveling went by without hitches, relationships with people were made and deepened, people were prayed for and encouraged, classes were taught, sermons were preached, and new ideas for micro businesses were made.  Hubby was on the radio, did a web cast, and was almost on TV, except that a power outage kept them from it.  He taught programming at the university in Bluefields and they want him back next year. I'll write more later with some pics, but Hubby is getting hungry for some french toast!

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