Thursday, August 11, 2011

More News from Nicaragua

Hubby just texted this to me:

 "Bankukut makes Rama Cay seem like a nice hotel, but the natural beauty and the people are wonderful. We asked if they get visitors and they said oh yes...We asked when...They said in 2000. Many kids just stared at us and some were terrified like I was a monster. It was very remote."

Now if you've never been to Rama key before, let me describe it to you.  It is two small islands joined by a little strip of filled in land about an hour motorboat ride from Bluefields, Nicaragua.  It is a beautiful place with about 900 Rama people, a church, a clinic, a high school and an elementary school.  Hmm... Why don't you just go to to see some pictures.  It is quite rustic, with outhouses on the piers and open wells. So when Hubby compares Bankukut to Rama Cay that way, I think of it like comparing camping at a campground and backpacking in the wilderness.

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