Monday, August 8, 2011


Today I had three neighbors who said they would pray for our family.  It didn't hit me until this evening that they weren't people who attend our church.  They are neighbors.  I have prayed for them when they were going through difficult times, and now it's their turn to pray for me.  I can't begin to describe my deep appreciation for all who have prayed and who have been concerned for us.  The kids are going through a pretty big adjustment with the new contact with their birth family, with their different culture, values, and structure.  Hubby is off in Nicaragua and we can't have cell phone contact until at least Wednesday morning, when he is scheduled to return to Rama Cay from Bankukut and Monkey Point. Even Rama Cay has spotty cell service and contact will only be by texting.  I kind of feel like those in the old Apollo missions, when the astronauts were on the far side of the moon and there was no radio contact for a while. There is a time of waiting for a signal, when you hope that they will emerge from the other side. But God is showing me through these short encounters with my neighbors that I am not alone.  He is here.  He is giving me others who care. It's like He's giving me a big hug, reassuring me, and letting me know He'll take care of us.


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