Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spoiled by God and Others!

Yesterday was so wonderful!

Hubby returned to Rama Cay from tiny villages outside of cell range.  It was so hard to wait for the first text message after days of wondering if all was well.  But God protected him.  It wasn't the safest thing to do, to take a dugout canoe with a motor on the Caribbean, during hurricane season, to places where there aren't police, where it takes a long time to get to medical care... But really, the safest place is where you are in the midst of God's will.

Hubby went as far as Cane Creek, met several of his friends' relatives who live up the creek, preached in a schoolhouse in Bankukut, visited from house to house, prayed with the oldest Rama couple and gave them his solar flashlight.  They are working with many plans, including Rama brand chocolate.  The Rama know all about growing and processing chocolate.  The Rama prefer to speak English, which is nice for Hubby!  He said it was such a beautiful place with nice beaches and rocks.  Today the group visits the clinic on Rama Cay and the Torsuany River.  Tomorrow he goes to Bluefields to meet with people at the university and buy a few things. MTW he plans to teach at the university.  He spoke to a high school physics class on Rama Cay. One of their group from Managua didn't go on the Caribbean but stayed at Rama Cay, taught on Sunday at the Moravian church and spent time with the pastor.

Oh, but back to yesterday.  Not only did I hear from my hubby, but one of my friends spoiled me with a spa evening at Burke Williams and got a wonderful massage!  Now, those that know me are probably shocked.  It isn't something I'd ever done before, but it was so wonderful!  The timing was perfect also.  My friend had planned this months ago, but we were both so busy.  Finally, just a few days before she was to move across country, we went.  She's been working hard on moving; I've been working hard with Hubby away for three weeks and kids that need more attention.  Then afterwords we went to a bakery and had tea and pastries. Lovely!  I was so spoiled!

I am so thankful to God, people who've prayed for us and Hubby, my family, and for my friend's thoughtful gift!

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