Monday, August 15, 2011

Thankful Time!

Ok!  Now is a time to change directions and count my blessings!
I read one blog last winter, and I'm sorry I can't remember which one, where a woman listed her blessings. What a good idea!  When I get bogged down with life, it changes my perspective when I think of good things.  So here goes my beginning of writing them down.

  1. My chickens laid five eggs yesterday! 
  2. Grandson!  It was so good to see him in church yesterday waving his arms while his daddy played the drums.
  3. Hubby is in Bluefields, Nicaragua today for the next three days teaching a computer class at a college for indigenous people.
  4. A man is wanting to help the church in Bankukut, Nicaragua.
  5. Hubby's trip is going well and he is accomplishing so much.
  6. House church went well at our house Saturday.
  7. Lots of people are praying for me and our family!
  8. My friend made it to Ohio safely and is spending some time relaxing at a hotel while she waits for her beds to arrive at her new house.  Her kids are having a blast at the pool!
  9. My oldest daughter has a job in her field, microbiology.
  10. My younger kids are doing better than the stats say at this time.
  11. We brought a bunch of blueberries home from Hubby's parents in Oregon.  We ate some fresh, gave a few away, and froze the rest.  Yum!
  12. I had a good walk this morning with a friend.
  13. It is a beautiful day today, sunny and not too hot.
  14. My silkworms are spinning.
  15. Hot and cold running water!
  16. Enough food.
  17. Electricity
  18. Good neighbors
  19. Family that loves God
  20. God!  Who knows me and loves me anyway!

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