Thursday, August 25, 2011


This week has been a week of transitions, and it has been a difficult one!

Hubby came home from Nicaragua and is transitioning back to family and work life in the USA.  He actually is doing pretty well, though he is a bit tired.

Our oldest son and his family moved from their apartment near us and will be moving a little farther away.  We helped them the day after Hubby got back and I played with the baby Tuesday before a church meeting so they could move the last little bit.

Our house church had a combined service with other house churches in our city this weekend and so that was a change.

The youngest of our birth daughters transferred to a 4 year university.  So bathroom times are being worked out. Of course she forgot something important yesterday and I rescued her, throwing in another change of schedule.

We started our homeschool year a week ago, and the change of bedtime and daytime schedules has been more transitions.

Now I'm a bit of the artistic spontaneous type, so transitions don't throw me off too much...

Except I live with a couple of kids that can't handle transitions...At all...FASD and past trauma have teamed up with these transitions to produce one sullen girl who doesn't trust and a 11 yo boy who has had temper tantrums, meltdowns, and LOTS of drama.   He couldn't take no for an answer and sulked or changed his mind back and forth over and over when he needed to choose something. Now, after the drama, he does calm down and becomes his normal happy, helpful, and sweet self the rest of the day.  But by then I'm exhausted.  Yesterday I was so upset when Hubby grounded Mr. I for the rest of the day.  I was wanting some peace and was looking forward to the time when Mr. I would play outside with friends and work some of the pent up energy out.  But it worked out.  Mr. I helped Hubby fix the dishwasher and calmed down after having a Time In.  Time ins work better than time outs for kids with RAD and past trauma, as long as the parent is able to keep a good, cheerful attitude.  I wasn't.  Fortunately, Hubby was.

I know what causes this type of behavior.  And I know that once the routine sets in it will be better.  I just pray that I can stay half way sane while dealing with so much craziness.

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