Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Project Finished!

Scarf Held by Mr I

Close Up of Scarf

I finished my latest knitted and crocheted project the other day when I was laid up with the bad cold and a couple other little illnesses that I will spare the details.  I finally was able to be upright for more than a few minutes, go shopping, and do a little yard work today, though I did feel like I was going to pass out at the grocery store line for a minute there.  I told the kids I felt a little woozy.  Ms D offered to drive us home.  She's only 13 and her only experience driving was on the grandparent's farm once or twice.  I told her I didn't feel that bad!  We did make it home fine, though I did find myself driving too fast or two slow a couple of times.  I probably over did it, but there comes a point when there isn't anything fast in the house that the kids could make themselves.  There was no more bread, just a little more milk, no more Ramen, and no more eggs. Our chickens have been giving us two or three a day, but during my illness, the kids have made themselves more eggs than the chickens could produce. So anyway, a grocery store trip was needed.  Of course I crashed on the sofa as soon as the car was unloaded and the cold stuff put in the fridge and freezer.  But I got out! I was getting so bored.  If I didn't have a few short walks, I think I would have gone stir crazy.  It really makes me feel for those who are home bound, like the one man Black Belt Daughter visited in Honduras.  He is paralyzed, and can't get out of his house because the road to his hillside house is just a small path and a wheelchair won't make it through.

Oh, I really got off the main subject here!  I'll share a couple of pictures of the scarf.  It matches the hat I made for my mom.  I made it out of yarn that is an alpaca/wool/silk blend.  It should help keep her warm this winter in Alaska.

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