Monday, September 26, 2011

Are You Trying to Tell Me Something?

For the past few days, I keep hearing the same message over and over...In a pamphlet for spiritual mentoring, in a church we visited, in conversation, in someone's Facebook status...

The message is: Looking for God in the hard places in life

We all go through difficult times.  We don't like those times.  We avoid those things that hurt.  We try to protect our children from pain.  The world seems to be full of pain and suffering. We ask why, and don't seem to get answers. 

And yet, even in those times, and maybe especially in those times, God is there.  And what I keep hearing over and over the past few days is, look for God in those times.

Of course, I'm still processing that one.  I'm kind of dense sometimes, so it might take the rest of my life to process it.  But I've been slowing down a little and will take time in the next few days to think of those hard times, the times that I can't figure out why.  And instead of asking why and beating myself down, or others down, for those difficult situations where I hurt, I'm going to talk to God and ask Him, "How are you there in this?"  How are you there in the kids' FASD?  How are you there when they have meltdowns?  How were you there for them when they had to leave their birth family? How were you there when we attended a spiritually abusing church?  How were you there the years of the desert place and it seemed like You were so far away?  How are you here when we live paycheck to paycheck?  Oh, and so much more.   I think it will take a while for me to process, and even longer to help my kids to look for God in the hard times.

But even as I start, I'm seeing that looking for God in the difficult places in my life is starting to bring healing.  And in healing, I'm becoming a little closer to God.  And that's a good thing.

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