Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthday Went Well, For the Most Part!

I was halfway anxious about my 50th birthday, but not in the usual way of dreading a big year birthday and mortality and whatnot.  No, the fear was about how my two adopted and alcohol affected kids would sabotage an important day.  Kids like this need routine.  Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. are not routine.  So they melt down.  Or pout.  Or make it difficult on those around them.  It's not because they don't like the birthday person, it's just that it is too much excitement for their brains.  

So yesterday, my plan was to keep the day as normal as possible.  We would do schoolwork.  The kids would play with their friends after school.  I would clean and do laundry, and maybe wedge in a little knitting or quilting.  And in the evening, after Hubby was home from work, we would go to a familiar Chinese food place that is quiet and the kids enjoy.  No weird food.  No strange noises.  Familiar waiter.  Chow Fun for Ms. D and Mongolian Beef for Mr. I.  It should have worked...

Except I got a call from a neighbor in the morning.  Her little boy had allergies and the school thought he had pink eye.  She was working.  No one else could take him home.  So we picked him up from school and the *** hit the fan.  Mr. I fussed.  Mr. I whined.  He didn't want to do school. He wasn't going to be able to even do it when the neighbor boy left!  It would take too long!  He would *never* be able to play with his friends.  On and on it went.  He was so dysregulated, all because the routine was changed a little. It's a good thing he's not going to school.  One field trip or assembly, and the day would be shot!

It's interesting how there were other little signs of dysregulation.  Mr. I spilled a lot yesterday. He spilled his glasses of water at lunch and dinner. He insisted on helping the neighbor boy open his milk, and then when it spilled all over, he yelled, "Why didn't anyone tell me there was milk in there?"  We had told him.  That is why the neighbor needed it opened, so he could drink the milk.  Duh! 

I'm sure Ms. I had her problems, but I missed them in all the chaos.  Well, I know she spaced out.  She ended up not doing her math.  She had it in front of her, but when I went to check it this morning, I found out she had been going through the motions.  Sort of.  Oh well! 

Fortunately, the neighbor boy left after lunch.  We were able to do schoolwork.  Mr. I calmed down. It all worked out.  

I had a wonderful evening.  All my kids, my sons' wives, and the grand baby all made it.  Now that's an accomplishment!  We rarely get all of them in one place at a time.  And we even more rarely get to have a picture taken.  Of course, the neighbor I snagged to take the picture only took one shot, but we all look OK.  No one is making an awful face and you can see most of us.  My photographer son is right when he said, "It's times like these you really need a professional photographer."  He's right.  But I'm happy we got this one!  It's proof that we were all there!  In one place!  At the same time!  With a camera!

Now don't look too closely at the yard.  I really need to work on it! Things have been growing faster than I could keep up!  

Oh, and if you live in the Bay Area of California, I know a good photographer.  He did not take this picture!  His pictures are much better!  And I'm not saying it just because I'm his mom!

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