Monday, September 26, 2011

Dentist Day!

Whoohoo!  It was Dentist Day! It's so fun! We get to finish school early, get a new toothbrush and maybe a toy from the treasure chest!  And we have nice clean teeth too!

Just kidding!

Dentist Day for us is a bit different.  It actually starts a few days before when the kids notice the appointment on the calendar or the reminder call comes from the receptionist.  When they realize that it's coming, they start to get anxious.  Ms D isn't as bad, but Mr I has all out anxiety.  He fusses.  He changes his mind when making simple decisions.  He can't concentrate on schoolwork.  It's pretty tough and we haven't even stepped foot in the office yet!

Mr I jumped off the dentist chair in the middle of a filling a couple of years ago.  This year he jumped off the table while getting his immunizations.  Both times we had to go back later to finish.  Hey, I think I get pretty anxious when I take the kids to a place where they may have pain.  OK, breathe in, breathe out! 

But in the end, Mr I did pretty well.  He even swished the fluoride in his mouth after a little hesitation. He complained about his gums hurting after the cleaning, but he was glad that he didn't have to get fillings.  He worries about that, you know.

Ms D, on the other hand, did well during the visit, but she ended up with two cavities.  Unfortunately, she had thought she was immune to them.  She never brushed or flossed as well as her brother, yet she came out with no cavities, while he's had numerous ones.  Until today.  Then she saw the $250 check I wrote out.  Hmmmm....Maybe, she will brush and floss better now.  Maybe.  She certainly was pretty shook up as we left the office.  She only laughs that certain nervous, loud, laugh for no reason when she is really upset about something.  It's the kind of laugh that people look at her and stare.  I quickly got them into the car and left.  OK, breathe in, breathe out!

But we survived Dentist Day!  Whoohoo!

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