Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Funny Mouse Story

One time after a short term mission trip to Mexico, sleeping in a rat and mouse infested building, we came home to a mouse in our house. The kids saw it running into our bedroom. I told Hubby that I will not sleep one more night with a mouse, so we decided to try to get it. We found it under the dresser, so the plan was for me to scare it towards Hubby, who would then smash it with his shoe. Well, the mouse ran towards me instead, and just froze. So instinctively, I grabbed the mouse! Then I realized I had a mouse in my hand, so I ran screaming through the house to throw it outside. Well, I guess I had a bunch of adrenaline, because I didn't just throw it into the backyard, but I threw it over the dog, over the backyard fence, and up hill into the woods! I don't think I EVER threw anything that far before or since!

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