Saturday, September 3, 2011

Garden Harvest

Yesterday, Hubby and I harvested some veggies from our rooftop garden.  We got three bell peppers, 5 Anaheim peppers, two tomatoes, and a cucumber.  There is a lot more to come!  It's been a bit of a hassle to water the pots on the flat roof, but hopefully we'll get some drip irrigation up there soon.  I also have some beans in the backyard that I need to harvest as soon as I get off this computer and I'll check to see if there are any more late blackberries.  I've also been harvesting apples and mandarin oranges throughout the week.  Our jujubes are almost ripe.  We planted a jujube tree a few years ago and keep missing the perfect time to harvest because we have no idea of what a jujube should taste like! I ate one earlier this week, not really knowing when the best time to harvest, but after reading up on them, I think I need to wait just a little longer.  Right now they are at the apple-like crisp stage.  Actually, Hubby might like them better this way.  I'll have him try one later, if I remember.

One of the nice things about living in Northern California is that we can grow such a variety of plants!  I just wish we had more room!

Our chickens are starting to slow down with their laying.  They might be going into another molting time. One of our crazy girls decided to get broody.  She even tried to hatch a fallen orange! She was laying eggs pretty well until she tried to hatch everything in sight.  She is not so bad now, after I discouraged her a bit by collecting eggs often and making her laying place a little uncomfortable by spraying some water there, but she still hasn't laid anything the past week.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the two oldest hens who haven't laid anything for a long time.  Unfortunately, one of them is the only chicken that got a name from the kids.  How do you dispatch a chicken named Snowball?

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