Friday, September 2, 2011

Helping the Way I Wished I Was Helped

Yesterday I had the joy of taking care of my grandson and daughter-in-law.  She had a stomach bug and it worked out for her to come to our home while we took care of the baby and she rested.  It was such a blessing to me.  I remember so many times when my kids were little, I was sick, and I didn't have anyone to help during the day while my husband was at work.  There were three months of taking care of two kids under three while I had mono or some other virus.  I remember just laying on the couch watching my kids dismantle the house, pulling books off bookshelves and emptying drawers. Another time I had just had my fourth baby by c-section.  In the next month, we had all four kids getting chicken pox, and some of the kids and I had the flu and bronchitis.  That's four kids six and under and me sick and recovering from surgery.  Hubby couldn't take any more time off of work and my mom and mother-in-law had their hands full with jobs and taking care of their disabled husband and the other a disabled daughter.  I don't know how I made it!

So yesterday I was able to give to my daughter-in-law something I knew she needed, an opportunity to sleep, a little soda, broth, and banana, someone trustworthy to watch the baby so she could rest before her hubby came home from work.  I wish I could have given her more peace and taken care of her better.  Mr. I and Ms. D were out of sorts.  Their schedule was turned upside down and they can't handle other people being sick.  So they had their crazy, uncontrolled laughs, and couldn't settle down until my grandson and daughter-in-law left.  I had to constantly remind them to go into another room if they were going to be loud.

 But it felt good to at least try to help.  I hope I can do it again.

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