Friday, September 9, 2011

I Didn't Get a Picture!

Today I mailed off a hat I knitted for my mom's birthday but neglected to get a picture!

In true form, I waited until the last minute to even start the project.  I ordered the yarn, made of alpaca, silk, and wool, from Webs last week.  I wanted a yarn that would look nice and be warm for my mom, who just moved to Anchorage, and Cascade Dolce was on sale.  I really enjoyed working with it, and it will be hard to go back to the acrylic that I get at most craft stores.  The yarn arrived Tuesday, and I didn't start until after school Wednesday.  I knitted a hat in a moss stitch and a ribbing around the bottom edge.  I finished Thursday evening, well all except the last little weaving in the ends, which I did Friday when I took Black Belt Daughter to the doctor to have her knee looked at.  (Nothing major, just a common stress injury that many athletic women get.)  My mom's birthday is in three days with a Sunday in between, so even with priority mail, I was cutting it close. I'm knitting a matching scarf, but it will have to get there after her birthday.  So after I went to the Post Office and mailed off the hat to my Mom, I  realized that I hadn't taken a picture of the hat!  Bummer!

I've depended on the rest of the family to take pictures of things for a long time.  One of my sons is a professional photographer. I'm finding that even though it's nice to experience things without the camera between me and whatever is going on, it's not working to completely depend on others for pictures.  Maybe I should hijack Hubby's camera...Hmmm...I might even get more pictures of my grandson!

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