Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm 50 today!

I'm actually excited to reach 50 years old.  It's kind of weird, but as long as I can keep healthy and active, I don't mind another candle added to the birthday cake.

So what am I planning for today?  Well, we'll have to do the normal schedule of schoolwork.  The kids had a hard time yesterday because, it being Monday, it was hard for them to handle the change from the weekend to the week day.  They were running around the house with their crazy laughing, getting hurt, and opposing school work every step of the way.  I tried to be calm, but I realized halfway through a cup of ice cream that I wasn't planning to eat, that I was stress eating.  Today is my birthday.  That usually means at least one meltdown or sabotaging of my special day.  I'm hoping that the kids got it all out of their system yesterday.  We'll see....

This evening, Hubby will take me and the family out to eat.  I'm craving some Chinese, so I think I'll go to the restaurant near our house.  We go there more than any other place.  It is quiet in the evenings.  It is familiar to the kids.  It's my best bet to eat in peace without someone pouting and refusing to eat.  Not me of course.  I eat more when stressed!  Maybe my grandson will come too!  I'm hoping, since I haven't seen him in over a week.

I might just make the hula hoop today that I've been meaning to make for the past few months.  Christine, at http://www.welcometomybrain.net/, has been doing 30 day hula hoop challenge for September, 30 minutes of hooping a day.  The great procrastinator that I am, I'm aiming to finish *making* my hula hoop by the end of the 30 days!  Maybe, if I get myself in gear, I'll finish the hoop today and maybe get in 15 minutes a day for 15 days.  Hey, it's better than nothing, especially for a 50 year old!

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