Saturday, September 3, 2011

Our Family Just Keeps Getting Bigger!

Last night Hubby helped the kids' aunt move some furniture to their grandmother's place for storage until they find a new home.  Their aunt and uncle are really going through a tough time now. They are homeless and living in different relatives' homes, their uncle is in a nursing home and has been either there or hospitalized for a month, and their oldest son is on house arrest for stealing a gang shirt. Oh, and did I mention the 14 y.o. cousin also has a nice new tattoo of a gang symbol on his wrist? I'm glad we can help the family, even a little. So anyway, Hubby got to meet some more of the family last night, grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins.

So this morning, Mr. I bought a bike from a guy not too far from their grandma's house.  So on the spur of the moment, Hubby and the kids went to visit.  Ms. D and Mr. I haven't seen this grandma in about nine years.  Grandma was even one of the people who Ms. D was living with when she was two years old.  So, of course, Grandma was really happy to finally see the kids.  Our family is getting bigger and bigger.

Of course, with family comes drama.  Grandma was the one who called the police to check on the kids when they were taken into foster care and then into our home.  So Birth Mom is still angry at the grandma. I knew they didn't get along.  Now I know why, or at least one of the reasons why.  Now I also know the family member who had the courage to call the authorities when my kids were in danger, knowing that she may never see the kids again.  I'm glad she got to see them today.

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