Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Comfort Zone

By: Tad Hargrave

 I am about to leave my comfort zone!  
One of my friends posted this diagram, and I had to copy and comment. My comfort zone is that little circle on the right.  Life in the comfort zone for me would be to have a couple of kids, career, nice house, cars, and in a good neighborhood, go to church on Sunday, take vacations.  You know, the American dream.  Many of my neighbors are pursuing that kind of life.  But I'm trying to pursue God and the life He has for me.  Because of that, He often knocks me out of that little circle on the right.  He asked us to move from a nice home near friends and relatives and settle out of state.  He asked us to take in a couple of foster kids when my plan was to go back to school at that time.  He asks Hubby to spend a lot of time on the non-profit, helping people in another country.  He is asking us to reach out to the kids' birth family, with all its crime, gangs, poverty, and disarray. He asks us to be generous when we would be stingy, give of our time when we are busy, and live in a way that is confusing to my neighbors.  Of course the neighbors for the most part think it is a good thing, yet odd.  Why would we take on two more kids with so many needs when our own kids are almost grown?  Why help those in Nicaragua when you have your hands full here?  Why give, when you can use that money to get out of debt and build up for retirement? Why put yourself in dangerous situations, when you could be safe? There are a lot of questions.  And I guess the only answer is that yes, we can live like many, in ease and comfort.  

But God is in the circle in the left, where the magic happens.  And no matter how scary it seems at first, that's where I want to be!

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