Monday, October 10, 2011


I am finding that as we spend more time with Birthmom, I am becoming to be more compassionate for her and the whole family.  I really feel sorry for her.  One of her boys are in jail, along with a nephew who was very close to her and some other relatives.  Another son is into gangs and when Hubby dropped her off at her home from visiting us the other night, there was a bunch of young men hanging out one her front lawn, looking up to no good.  She is helping to raise her nieces children and but isn't raising a couple of her own.  The whole family is full of chaos.  And if Birthmom has FASD as I suspect, a chaotic and violent environment would be overwhelming.  I look at her and think, "What would life have been for her, if she had received as much support, structure, and a peaceful environment as Mr I and Ms D have?"  I hope that I can give to our kids what she didn't have but so needed, and really needs now.  I hope to give them a chance.

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