Sunday, October 23, 2011

Figuring Out How to Teach My Kids

I was looking at a blog this morning,, and Christine had an awesome Ted Talk posted.  I'm going to repost it here because it really got me to thinking about how best to teach my kids.  Photographer Son is a perfect example of someone who learned, and is still learning, through computers and the internet.  He is running a pretty successful business and most of what he learned that is helping him today was not through a traditional classroom.  It was learned through his network of friends that have helped him, exchanged ideas, and have encouraged him, by listening and looking at pod casts, Ted Talks, and on line university lectures, and finally by learning through doing and practicing.  I've learned to do quite a few things by watching Youtube videos and searching the internet.  We have fixed a furnace, learned how to do a knock down texture on sheet rock, and I learned how to make cloth diapers.  We have also looked at pictures of places we learned in history, watched things online about whatever science we have learned, and have supplemented our math, art, music, and English curriculum in so many ways using the technology available to us.  It is pretty amazing how much we can learn.  It's a pretty far cry from my school days when I had to go to the library to do any research!

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