Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finished the Scarf!

I finished the scarf for Black Belt Daughter!  She is going to a party today dressed as Amy Pond from Dr. Who.  Her boyfriend, of course, is going as the Doctor. Our family is crazy about Dr. Who!  It is such a fun series.  Too bad it is so hard to see in the States. Black Belt Daughter told me Thursday morning that she would like a scarf, and I finished it Saturday afternoon.  Of course, I didn't get much else done around the house during this time.  But I did have a great visit with my sister last night.  I tried to knit the scarf while watching the rest of the family bowl and talking to my sister.  I ended up having to rip out a few mistakes because it was so distracting.  But I had fun, and my sister knits too, so she helped me read the pattern in the dark bowling alley.

"Amy" and the scarf

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