Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hibiscus Tea

So many times, we have food growing in our yard but don't even think to harvest or use the plants in creative ways.  We have a lot of mint growing, but I only make fresh mint tea occasionally and don't use it in cooking.  We grow grapes, but I don't use the grape leaves for other than feeding them to the rabbits.  I could use them to make stuffed grape leaves. We have oranges from one tree that sometimes go to waste because they aren't as sweet as other varieties we grow.  But I could use those oranges in recipes. I need to be more deliberate in not letting food go to waste and more creative in using other plants.

Today Mr. I looked at my computer and saw an ad on the side advertising bottled hibiscus tea.  It looked really good and he asked if we could get it sometime.  I said that we could buy some dried hibiscus flowers and make it ourselves.  Then Hubby said, "Why not use our hibiscus flowers growing by our front door?"  Of course! So we had Mr. I go out and pick a flower.  I boiled some water and we steeped it in a teapot.  When it steeped for about 5 minutes, we poured it into a pitcher with some ice and sugar and then added some lemon.  It was interesting that when we added the lemon, the acidity changed the color.  It was so good!
Hibiscus flower

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