Thursday, October 13, 2011

Immunizations and the Grumpies!

Two days ago someone in our family got two immunizations, one in each arm.  This caused this certain person to have a difficult time sleeping at night.  She was too hot.  She was hurting. She was tired, but laid in bed for hours not being able to fall asleep.  This person also had a lot to do yesterday and didn't recognize that she was feeling pretty ill as she went about her day. She was tired. She was grumpy.  She took everything others said personally.  She cried.  She fussed.  She just wanted to be left alone, but people kept bothering her. She didn't realize she was feeling ill because of the immunizations until she almost passed out at the grocery store. 

When I realized how badly I had been behaving, I went home, apologized to Hubby, and took a nap.  I still felt bad physically, but my attitude changed when I realized that there was a physical cause beneath the emotions and that I would be feeling better soon.

I'm really glad I got my shots the day before the kids got their immunizations.  It helped me to give the kids a little more grace when dealing with their behaviors.  I'm pretty healthy, but my kids have FASD. The stress of immunizations sent me over the edge yesterday, but they are dealing with that stress with another condition that makes it even harder.  No wonder they get so dysregulated when stressed!

In order to make it through today, I'm going to list some more things I'm thankful for:
Chocolate, of which I've eaten too much the past two days
Good health care, even when it hurts
My Children
My Grandson
My Hubby
A House to live in
Nice weather
The praying mantis we saw on our walk today
Music that soothes me when I'm feeling bad
That my younger kids are doing pretty well considering what they have to deal with every day
Being able to read things written by others who are going through similar things

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  1. You r awesome...thanks for sharing! You are one of the best moms I know! Love you!