Monday, October 31, 2011

Lights for Tonight

I'm not big on Halloween.  I like to pass out candy.  I like the cute kids' costumes.  I don't like the other stuff, the skulls, gore, demonic stuff, witches, etc.  I especially don't like the spiders.  Even fake ones are scary, but that's another post.

Now I do pass out candy to the neighborhood kids.  The problem is that our front porch light doesn't work.  Actually, the whole circuit to the front of our house hasn't worked since June and we have extension cords for a few of our lights.  I'm just making do until either Hubby fixes it or we can afford to hire someone to fix it, and neither looks like it will be done until after Hubby gets a big project done.  I don't do electrical work.  I do all sorts of other repairs around the house, but electrical stuff scares me.

So anyway, we don't have a working front porch light.  So I made do.  I got up in the attic, found some white Christmas lights and hung the lights from a nail that was already there on the front porch.  I didn't even bother to string them all up really pretty.  I figure that Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, and I figure I can be a slacker.

Our Halloween Lights
On another note, I have the cutest grandson, don't you think?

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