Friday, October 21, 2011

Surprise 80th Birthday Party!

The past few weeks have been full of secrets!

My father-in-law was turning 80 years old.  Hubby's sister asked if we could have a video chat with his parents on the big day.  But Hubby had a few more days of vacation left over, so we decided to go up to Oregon to surprise them.  So Hubby, Microbio Daughter, Ms. D, Mr. I, and I packed up the van last Friday and headed north.  I was so excited!

The trip went well, and we arrived at Hubby's sister's the night before.  The cousins had a great time.  It was like a slumber party.  We went to one cousin's soccer game the next morning, but our car battery died on the way so we missed most of the game.  We did get to see her in action, though.

Then we came home to get ready for the surprise party.  We all hid in the kitchen and waited for the grandparents to come in.  They were so surprised!

Grandpa and Grandma

Of course the next few days were filled with visiting friends and relatives.  I got to see my mom, brother, and sister.  We went to a couple of churches we used to attend and saw some old friends.  Mr. I got to drive the tractor at Grandpa's farm and actually do some farm work!

With all the excitement, a migraine, and after a loss of her ipod, Ms. D got a bit dysregulated and got her brother going, but it all worked out in the end.  Actually, it was a very good thing that she lost her ipod.  Ms. D wouldn't eat and was angry because she thought her brother hid it because she used a toy he was given.  She did not want to leave the house until she found it.  But we took her and the rest of the family out to visit another friend.  Then I suggested that we all pray as a family that the ipod would be found.  Well, it wasn't more than a minute or two later and Grandpa called to tell us they found it buried deep in the sofa!  So Ms. D found out herself that it is good to pray!  She asked to listen to some Christian music right after.  What a good lesson!

We also had a good trip on the way home.  It took a little while, because we had to go back to Hubby's sisters to pick up a bag Ms. D left there, and we also stopped along the way to show Hubby the Territorial Seeds store. 

Mr. I sleeping in the van

Mt. Shasta on the way home

It was an awesome trip!  I'm so glad we surprised Hubby's parents!

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