Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thankfulness and Encouragement

The other day I was pretty discouraged and just plain grumpy.  The cold that kept me from going out caused me to have an asthma flareup.  Our bodies, minds, and spirits are so interwoven, I'm not so sure it's a good thing to try to separate them.  It was a struggle to keep a good attitude while my body was so sick. The night before last it was really difficult for me to breathe.  About three in the morning I wasn't sure that if I fell asleep I would wake up, since it seemed that it took so much effort to get enough air.  So I took my inhaler and told God that I wouldn't mind seeing Him face to face, but the timing would be really crappy.  I don't think Hubby would appreciate my dead body next to his when he wakes up, the kids would freak, it's Micro Bio Daughter's birthday, and the house is a mess from me being sick.  What's funny, is that I fell right to sleep and woke up at my usual time. Of course, I did call the doctor and got my asthma medications changed around, which really seems to be working better. 

As I was saying, it was pretty difficult for me to keep a good attitude.  Hubby prayed for me and felt that God wanted me to encourage others and not be fearful.  Now what is the best medicine for discouragement?   Encouraging others!  There is something about giving what you don't feel you have much of, to totally trust that God will move through you to give to others in your weakness.  So I made it a point to encourage people, and will try to encourage someone each day.  Yesterday I told one of the nurses she was really sweet.  She smiled and said that she really tries.  And then when we were in the hallway, a lady was pushing a cleaning cart.  I thanked her for keeping the place so nice and clean.  She beamed and thanked me.  Such small little statements seemed to brighten their day!  It didn't take any extra time.  It didn't take any extra effort.  Just a little noticing and thanking.  And you know what?  I felt better myself!

Oh, one of my friends had this picture on her wall.  It was so touching.

Photo by Kim Harkins

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