Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Diaper Cover Made

This morning I made another diaper cover in between teaching the kids and cleaning.  Now that I've made a few, they are coming together quicker and I don't have to rip out mistakes as much!  ;-)

So the steps are: First cut out the pattern.  This last one I actually bought a pattern.  Before, I just looked at a commercially made one and made my own, but I was never sure if I got it right.  Turns out, I was pretty close, though it is nice to have a pattern that is a known size.  I still added gussets to the legs, which the pattern didn't have, because I think they keep them from leaking.

Then I tape the loop tape to the front edge and the gussets in the right places.  Taping works better than pinning because I don't want to put holes in the waterproof material.  The tape holds well enough until I sew things in place.
Putting the loop on the front

Sewing the loop on the front

Taping the curved part of the gusset on the wrong side of the PUL

Sewing on the Fold Over Elastic
When sewing with the fold over elastic, I pull when things need to be gathered and don't when things need to be flat.  I use a zig-zag stitch and slowly go around the edge, adding the gussets and holding things together as I go.
Adding the loop and hook like a tab so that it can close the cover on the loops at the front

Adding a loop to the inside so that the tab can be shut for easy laundering
The finished products!

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