Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can You Tell My Children are Dysregulated Today?

It's easy to tell when Mr. I is dysregulated. He avoids eye contact, becomes needy, gets hurt a lot, talks incessantly, has a short fuse, and can't stand even the slightest touch. Oh, and he just burned a grilled cheese sandwich after insisting that he could do it himself.  Do you think someone is having a hard day?

Ms. D is much quieter for the most part. It's easy to miss the way she picks on her brother like touching him when she knows he is hypersensitive. It's easy to not think much of her inability to recall even the most basic of things, like today when I had to reread the same two sentences four times before she could come up with an answer. Yes, it was about an abstract concept, "What is good fruit in someone's life?" But all she had to do was repeat two words, good deeds. She also is making a lot of odd noises, which isn't too typical. But I think the greatest indicator today was when Ms. D, a thirteen year old, washed her hands in the refrigerator water dispenser. Um...Where does she think the water goes?

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