Sunday, November 6, 2011

Handmade Diaper Cover and Vultures

I got a call from Oldest Son last night.  Grandson is growing out of his diaper covers and they needed me to make some larger ones.  I already had one cut out but just needed to go to the fabric store to pick up some Velcro to finish sewing it up.  Now that's a dangerous thing!  When I go into a fabric store, I get  inspired to make more things and buy more material than I have time to complete projects.  I already have a bunch of PUL and fold over elastic, but while I was at the fabric store, I got some really cute PUL to make some fun covers.  I'll make them tomorrow, hopefully, and show it to you then.  But anyway, I finished the cover I started, so the next time we get together the little guy will have something else to wear.  I'll have to work on making some more diapers, and some clothes for him too.  Babies sure grow quickly!

Black PUL Diaper Cover
Did you notice the gussets in the legs?  They are easy to add and make a big difference in preventing leaks.  I sure wish I had materials like PUL and the choices in cloth diapers that my children have compared to the cheap prefolds, pins, vinyl covers I had when my kids were babies!  It is amazing what is out there now.  I'm having fun making them.  Maybe I can make extra to sell to moms so that they stay away from disposables.  Disposables are fine in moderation, like on vacation, or when mom is sick, but for the most part cloth is so much better for the planet and the pocketbook.

On another note, as I was taking my walk today, I noticed that we had a lot more vultures in our neighborhood now that the cooler weather has come to CA.  We have vultures year round, but in the winter more come down from the hills to join those who stay in town.  I've counted over fifty of them roosting on trees, roofs, and light poles in the winter. They are interesting birds, though they can be messy.  We sometimes have to run past the trees over the path in order to dodge their bombs as they wake up and relieve themselves of yesterday's road kill. I took a picture of a few of them on a neighbor's roof this morning.

A Few of the Vultures in Our Neighborhood

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