Friday, November 18, 2011

Helping the People of Central America

Hubby started a nonprofit to help the people in Central America.

Most of our family has visited Nicaragua and/or Honduras the past few years, bringing educational and medical supplies, computers, and Gods love. It is amazing how just a little bit of supplies and help will make such a big difference.  The people there have become like family.

In June, Black Belt Daughter went to Honduras to visit some missionary friends of ours.  She taught some self defense classes (of course), delivered food, and had a great time.

And in August, Hubby went to Nicaragua.  He, a man from Managua, and the missionary friend from Honduras went all over the country, visiting people, delivering supplies, praying. Hubby even taught a computer class at a university and talked on a radio program.  It was an awesome trip and God took care of him, even when he was in a dugout dory with a small motor, on the Caribbean, during hurricane season, and without cell phone or any other communication!

The reason I'm telling about you about this now is that Hubby just finished condensing his three week trip onto a 10 minute video!

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