Monday, November 28, 2011

Starlings and Citrus Trees

I'm letting the kids sleep in this morning. Yesterday completely tired them out and with Hubby being home sick, I want the kids' immune systems to be strengthened.

As I was quilting in the quiet living room, I noticed that birds were making a lot of noise outside. So peaking out the front door to find the source, I saw that our citrus trees are pretty full of fruit this year!

We have mandarin oranges and tangerines on the left, and Meyer lemons on the right.  Hopefully the weight of the fruit won't break the trees, though it's happened before and the plant bounced right back.  Now don't look too close at the mess! I haven't had much time the past couple of weeks to do much yard work, other than to mow our little patch of lawn. Fortunately, even though things grow year round in California, they do slow down a bit.

Oh, and the source of all the noise? A HUGE flock of starlings!

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