Thursday, December 15, 2011

And How Do You Feel About That?

Yesterday we made an appointment at the Psychiatry clinic at Kaiser for Ms. D. She wasn't at all interested in going. I think she knew that she would be encouraged to do the very thing that she has been trying so hard not to do, which is to talk, especially to talk about her feelings.

Mr. I looked at her and asked her why didn't she want to go to see a therapist. He would love to go back to therapy. And then he acted out his impression of a therapist.

First he sat on a chair across from Ms. D. He leaned slightly forward with his hands softly on his lap, fingers touching, and put on his best therapist face, the concerned but kind look, the gentle smile, the relaxed features. And then he started gently talking:

Hello, Ms. D. What brings you here today? I hear you had a hard time at the hospital earlier this week. Would you like to talk about it? How do you feel about that? May I sit next to you? Let me give you a hug. Would you like to play with a choo choo train?

We all laughed so hard, he was so convincing! Even Ms. D cracked a smile. We decided that Mr. I would either make a good therapist or comedian!

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