Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Weekend! Saturday

This weekend revolved around Birthday Parties and church at our house. As you can imagine, I'm pretty tired from all the activity, but it all went surprisingly well.

Friday night was baking night, as Daughter-in-law wanted some snicker doodles for Grandson's first birthday party. I made a double batch, so it took until close to 11:00 at night to get it all done.

Saturday was clean, clean, clean, with a little break in the middle to go to Grandson's birthday party. With help from the family, I was able to get the Christmas boxes out of the house and get things to a halfway decent state. The house was pretty messy because of the emergency room visit, a sick Hubby and the news of surgery in January, birthdays, homeschool, general kid stuff, and because I had to finish Grandson's birthday quilt during the week and I wasn't feeling well the week before that.

I just added a border to a panel, hand quilted, and then added a binding. I finished the quilt right on Grandson's birthday.

So Saturday late morning, I packed the van up with a table, chairs, gifts, cookies, pizza, a few other things, and of course the kids and Hubby and went down to the other Grandma's house for the party. Now going to a Filipino home for a party is so good! They have the most amazing food! And lots of it! So we had both American food and Filipino food, and even had taro cake for one of the deserts. Grandson really liked his special Smash Cake! At first he wasn't so sure, but then he didn't want to stop eating it! So cute! Here is a picture of him with his mommy and daddy.

So after the party, we went back home to get ready for house church. I was so tired by the time everyone came, but I was happy to see everyone. It is so good to have a church where I can be real. It was also so good to hear how things went with our pastor's visit to the kids' birth brother in jail. I'm really praying that he will give his life to God and be all he can be. People prayed for me, which really helped. Mr. I had a couple of friends for a sleepover and I had no idea how I would do with the extra work, yet being so exhausted. But after the prayer, I have felt such a great peace! Things just didn't seem to be overwhelming from that point on.

Prayer really helps!

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