Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Weekend. Sunday

So this morning, Sunday, I took a walk with my walking buddy in the neighborhood. I also gave her some of the bread and fruit given to us at church to distribute to those we know who are in need. My walking buddy is the lunch lady at the neighborhood school, so she knows who could use it. We also gave some bread to one of our neighbors who has been unemployed for over a year and to another neighbor. I remember a vision Hubby had when we were thinking of moving to California. He saw me handing out bread to neighbors. Haha! I didn't think it would be so literal!

This morning I also baked a cake for Mr. I's kid birthday party and went to the store for some eggs for his and his friends' breakfast. Our chickens just couldn't keep up with all the baking I had been doing lately. It was fun to make a special breakfast for Mr. I. I also did a lot of dishes after House Church and the breakfast by hand. Not having a working dishwasher has added a lot of work to my days, but there is something soothing about doing them by hand. I actually kind of like it this way. 

We also sold the Tic-Tac! Tic-Tac is our little white Ford Aspire that just won't die. Our mechanic neighbor says it's because the small engine keeps it from straining all the other parts. It has been a good car for us to park at train parking lots, but nobody liked to drive it because of its little quirks. But now that we don't need it anymore, we sold it to a college age friend. I hope Tic-Tac is a good car for him too.

In the afternoon, I took Mr. I and two of his friends to Nickel City. Now I was really worried that the auditory and visual stimulation along with the excitement of a sleep over and birthday party would send Mr. I over the edge, but it didn't. He limited the friends to a couple of fairly calm guys without any encouragement from me. He knew what he could handle, and he self regulated!!!! After an hour and a half of playing there while I knitted near the front door, he told me they were done and could they please have some tacos because they were hungry. So we went to Taco Bell and all three thanked me. They were all so polite, I wondered if I brought the right kids home! Well, actually, they are all polite boys, but I didn't expect such behavior when they were so over stimulated. 
At the Taco Restaurant
After the boys ate, they needed to go home, so we ate the cake as a family. Now the cake was from a chocolate mousse cake mix. I couldn't find two cake pans so I baked it in one. Mr. I wanted the mousse in the center, so I had to figure out a way to cut it in half. I remembered Hubby's mom's trick of cutting angel food cake with a piece of thread and tried it with a regular cake. It worked. I should have taken a picture, but I'll try to explain it here. You need to place a piece of thread all the way around the cake where you want the cut to be. Cross the string, and pull. The string will cut the cake easily. 

This evening was spent listening to Black Belt daughter study out loud for finals, knitting, catching up on the blog and Facebook, and watching Micro Bio daughter play cards with Mr. I. For being such a busy weekend, I have been so peaceful today. It's been good.

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