Wednesday, December 21, 2011

But is it Real?

Earlier today, Hubby showed me this picture of Saturn, with the small dot of Earth just above the main ring on the left side.

I was thinking about how I have seen many pictures of Saturn over the years, but it didn't seem totally real until last spring when I looked through a telescope and saw Saturn with my own eyes. I had a feeling of awe when I could see the rings, the moons, and its beauty. Then a friend who lives in Honduras told me just now that some of the teens there wondered if snow was real or just a Hollywood make believe thing. It seems so weird for me, who grew up in the Midwest, to think that something as real as snow would be thought fictitious by anyone! But for those in the tropics it is as unreal, and maybe more so, than my view of Saturn. Hey, I knew Saturn was real, but they are doubting snow!

And so now I'm thinking of how our experiences really affect our belief systems. To me, God is real, as real as what I see in front of me. I've seen Him work in so many ways over my life. I might question what He's doing and why, but I don't question His existence. I pray because I have seen God answer. But to others who haven't seen His works, He doesn't seem real. And so it doesn't make sense to pass judgement on them when they don't act like He exists. What I can do is pray that they will seek Him, and also that God will reveal to them, in His mercy and kindness, that He is.

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