Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Decorations are Up....Mostly!

Well, today we got most of our Christmas lights up. Here's a picture:

A few of them are too dim for some reason, I'll have to figure that out, and we have a few more to put up. But even if this ends up being all we have time for, it will be good enough to impress our grandson and the neighbor kids. I actually climbed on the roof and put the lights on the edge. That's really impressive if you know that I have a big fear of heights! After doing the roof stuff, I had enough, so Micro Bio Daughter and Mr. I finished it off. They did a pretty good job! Mr. I said we have the third best lights on our block and that's just fine with me. I'll let the neighbors have their plastic blow up snowmen! I just can't get into fake snowmen in the front lawns next to palm trees and bougainvilleas!

Each year for the past few years I've been getting a few LED lights. I've pretty much completely changed over for the outside of the house. I can't stand the glare of those things on the inside. Maybe some day they'll come out with LEDs that aren't hard on the eyes, but until then, they'll do just fine outdoors, kind of like a barn cat.

Today I went out shopping, GASP! Tomorrow is Mr. I's 12th birthday and I realized that I needed to get something for him, so off I went. Aren't I a good planner? I did avoid the mall. You won't catch me there on a weekend in December! There was a problem though. A lady at the checkout was having a bit of a hard time with things and forgot to give me 20% off. When I reminded her, she had already pressed the button to complete the sale and couldn't fix it there. So I ended up in a loooooonnnng line at the back of the store in customer service. It wasn't too pleasant; it was very hot and stuffy back there, but I made the best of it by chatting with other women in line. We talked about kids, food, the difference between Vietnamese cooking and American cooking, Christmas food... Did I say we talked about food? You'd think I was hungry with all the food talk, but really I was just thirsty because of the stuffy heat! But in the end the time passed nicely because of the good conversation in line. I don't like to wait, and I especially don't like to wait in lines! I really need to turn those potentially unpleasant experiences to fun ones more often!

Oh, and back to the lights. Did you notice our front porch light is working again? I don't know how it happened but the lights at the front of the house, which hadn't been working for months, suddenly decided to work again. I have no idea why. But I'm glad, with it getting dark so early, that it's working now.

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