Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas to Remember

Life comes with all sorts of things, bad, good, exciting, boring. Sometimes life is smooth and pleasant and other times we get a bunch of difficult things at once. This December was one of the latter! But even in the midst of difficulty I have choices. Do I focus on the bad things, or focus on how God and others came through. Do I wallow in depression and anger or maybe ignore it, or do get past it, heal, and become a better person.

Two people I admire this week are Kaveh and Peter. Neither had family to visit or places to go for Christmas. Kaveh decided to open his house for a Christmas party for others who were alone, and Peter was making plans to serve at a Christmas dinner for the homeless. I don't know how their Christmas went, or how it all worked out, but they chose to make lemonade out of lemons. I hope their Christmas was blessed.

Hubby and Ms. D both had health issues the past two weeks. I was overwhelmed with taking care of them, my battle with migraines, celebrating all the birthdays, gift making, teaching and taking care of two emotionally charged kids, Christmas celebrations, keeping the housework up with appliances that were breaking down and little time, and birth family drama. These things are difficult. I need to deal with what I can change, and prioritize so I don't wallow in too many problems at once, and to accept help when given. The the things I can't change I need to learn to accept, forget, or at least put them in a place that is not looming so large.

But the part I choose to remember this Christmas is how so many people have helped us, supported us, given us a meal, prayed for us. People have given us so much. Micro-bio daughter did last minute shopping for me and even did the little kids' stockings. I had forgotten all about them! God and a security guard protected me from potential muggers at the mall. Ms. D is now getting counseling which would have been harder to get paid for had she not had the seizures. Christmas dinner was wonderful! The adult kids threw me out of the kitchen and prepared a wonderful feast. I was able to finish knitting a scarf for a daughter-in-law while they cooked, cleaned, and set the table. Talk about last minute gift making! One daughter-in-law offered to clean and organize my kitchen for her gift to me. She also crocheted a cute headband for me too! Micro-bio Daughter printed out and put photos in albums which is a big job in our family.  Hubby got me a new sun oven so I can cook food outside! I loved my last one, but after a few years the weather got to it. But best of all, some of the kids and Hubby got together to get me a new range! Now if you know how my old one has been behaving, you'd see how special this gift is to me. The electronic part that controls the oven has to be rebooted from time to time by unplugging the cord. When I turn the oven on it makes two or three booms. I was making light of it by calling out, "One!", "Two! ", or "Three!" after each boom. That way people didn't have to worry if something else was wrong. Other times I had to manually light the burners in the oven and stove top. Also, two of the four burners weren't working and the other two were slowly getting worse. I was making do, but I think the family realized that it was on its last legs. I was expecting a microwave oven, since ours is sparking and needs replacing too. A range is more expensive and I thought I'd have to wait quite awhile for a new one. Here is what one of my daughters-in-law made to show me what the gift was for. Isn't it creative and beautiful?

I am so overwhelmed now, not with the troubles that have come our way this season, but with the love and care people have shown me. I am truly blessed! I will remember this Christmas forever.

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  1. I forgot to mention that the kids also fixed a drawer in my kitchen that has been broken for weeks but I was too busy to fix it!