Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family Time

With Hubby being home a second week for the holidays but being too sick to travel, we have been having a lot of family time. Hubby was able to do a few things around the house, including planting grapefruit and guava trees.

Hubby watering and cleaning up after planting the new trees


This evening we had our oldest son and his family over to break in our new oven. Mr. I played with the baby so well! And that's after spending most of the afternoon entertaining the neighbors' 5 and 2 year old boys. I am amazed at how even after the trauma and neglect in their early lives, our younger kids are so good with young children and animals! Because of this, I have hope for their future!

Mr. I Playing With Grandson

Crawling Race!
This evening, after Grandson left, Microbio Daughter played a game with Mr. I.

At first, Mr. I was worried it was an educational game, but Microbio daughter assured him it was fun. He did have fun and not only played calmly, he helped Microbio Daughter clean up at the end!

While they were playing the game, Ms. D cleaned the kitchen. Without being asked. Ms. D doesn't clean for approval. She cleans when she is happy. I was kind of worried the past couple of months when she didn't clean. The last time she went through a spell like that, she was hiding her contact with the birth family. I am kind of worried that the only one of the birth family that has contacted her for two weeks was Bio Dad. He's been calling every couple of days to see how she is doing after her hospitalization. I am so thankful for this. I can tell it hurts her that Bio Mom and the siblings haven't returned her calls or messages. She doesn't understand that they are moving and going through a lot of stuff right now and don't have the capacity to show her love like she needs. But fortunately, my older kids have been showing extra care and love to Ms. D. So when Ms. D started cleaning last night, it was a sign to me that she feels loved and accepted at least by us. And it helps that Bio Dad is calling too.

Ms. D Cleaning
So now I'm going to join Ms. D and have some mother-daughter time. I love my family!

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