Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandson!

Today is the second of our December birthdays. Happy 1st Birthday, Grandson!!!!

He and his parents stopped by today. We'll have his party at the other grandma's Saturday, so I'll have time to finish his birthday present. It's almost done, not even a half hour left! I'll show a picture soon.

On another note, the trial for the birth brother and cousins was to start today. One of the women in the trial refused to go out of her cell so the trial is been postponed to January. I think it is so odd that so many people, I think six, are being tried at the same time for murder. They weren't all involved in the same way. Yes, some fought, but some were just bystanders. The trial hasn't started, so until the tapes are shown, it's hard to judge. But I always assumed people were tried individually. I also think it's odd that it's taken so long to come to trial, over two years so far. It doesn't seem right to me. Aren't we supposed to have speedy trials? Hubby, who went to today's non event, said some of the relatives looked pretty scary. Birth brother was the least scary of all of them, and fits with how I remembered him when he was 14. So sad how lives are lost on both sides. One to death, and six to years in jail. What a waste! And it affects the whole extended family. There are kids who are being bounced from relative to relative because their parents are in jail. I hope my kids will never have to go through this.

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