Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just Another Day at the Mall!

I dislike malls. The crowds are stifling, the materialism is depressing, and it's even worse the week before Christmas. I usually avoid them if at all possible. I'll even send my older children there to pick up something I can only get at a mall. But today I didn't have a choice, so off I went to the place I'd rather not go!

I decided to park next to the stairs so that I could get a bit of exercise. At the bottom of the stairs, there were two workers taking a smoke break, which made me wonder if the exercise I got from walking down the stairs was negated by the smoke. But I'm glad the workers were there because they were able to point to one of the four unmarked doors to the mall entrance. I was amazed that the "mall experience" is so planned out, that if you change things around a little for your health, like walking down stairs, you can't even find your way in without help!

I got what I needed and of course a bit more. I was at the freezer aisle at Target, and was freaked out that the lights in the freezers would turn on when I passed by. I'm used to automatic doors, escalators, and price readers, but the clicking on and off of lights as I passed by was just plain weird!

When I couldn't hold any more bags, I decided I was at the mall a little too long, so I headed back to my car, this time taking the escalator because I forgot how to get through the maze that led back to the stairs. As I was heading toward my car, I noticed that there were two BIG guys arguing with a little hispanic security guard in a golf cart. I slowed down until it looked like the big guys were heading to the stairwell. But as soon as I got to my car, they turned around and headed back toward my way and their car, I didn't know which! I was pretty scared, since I've heard reports lately of men mugging women loaded with bags in mall parking lots. But I'm so thankful that the security man stayed nearby. The guys looked at me, looked at the security man talking on the radio, looked back at me, and then went into their car and left. Whew!

Sometimes we get a glimpse of how God is protecting us day to day. I don't always see it, but when I do, I am amazed and thankful for His protection! It makes me wonder of all the other times that things happen or things are prevented and we don't have a clue. Sometimes I think it might be better that we don't know! But when I do realize what could have happened but it turned out fine, I like to think of how God's with me all the time. He is in control.

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