Friday, December 30, 2011

On the 12th Day of Silence...

It's been 12 days since the kids last heard from their birth mom and siblings. Complete Silence. 12 days. Days that included Christmas.  The last phone call was when Birthmom called to say goodnight after seeing them in church a couple of Sundays ago. Since then there have been no calls, no texts, no answers to calls from us. I know that the birth family is being evicted this week. I know holidays are probably tough on them too. I know Birthmom is struggling with alcohol addiction and maybe even illicit drugs. But I don't understand the silence. I don't understand why they don't just pick up their phones. And I don't think Mr. I or Ms. D do either. 

It hurts Ms. D the most. She's the one that is more attached to the birth family and initiates much of the contact. Mr. I is just scared and doesn't want to be near most of them. But I'm worried about Ms. D. She doesn't talk much and holds things in; that's why she had seizures. She's had to deal with abandonment before. And now she's having to deal with it again. 

Yesterday I thanked the birth dad, who lives in another state, for his calls to Ms. D after her hospitalization. I told him that it makes Ms. D feel loved. It really does. I pray that we can show her that she is loved in the way she can receive it and that we are here for her. I pray that God does the same. After all, He is love, and can show her His love when people fail.

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