Saturday, December 24, 2011

Regalo por Abuelita

Black Belt Daughter is getting ready to go to her boyfriend's family's Christmas Eve Celebration. She dyed a silk scarf for his grandmother. It turned out beautifully.
Black Belt Daughter

Close Up of the Scarf

Another Close Up
Black Belt Daughter is practicing her Spanish so that she can talk to his grandma. There will be quite a few people at the party, though not all of the family will make it. I think Black Belt daughter said her boyfriend has about 100 cousins total! That's even more than I have, and my mom comes from a large family! It will be quite a cultural experience.

Talking about cultural experience, my oldest son is having a string of parties on his wife's Filipino side this weekend. It's a good thing he likes Filipino food, since there is a lot of it! I love to go to her family's events. Yum!

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