Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Responsible Adult? Where Will He Find One of Those?

Hubby got a packet of info about his surgery planned next month. In it there were pre-op appointments, instructions, and other info to make the day go by more smoothly. There was also a line that a responsible adult needs to take him home and stay with him for at least 24 hours following surgery. My first thought was where will he find one of those? I sure don't feel very responsible or adult at the moment. Or more accurately, I'm getting a little overwhelmed by being a responsible adult. It would be awesome to get a break! No responsibilities. No worries. Just live in the moment!

Today has been filled with activity. Last night Mr. I had a friend over. They were going to try to survive outside over night in the cold, but after all the preparations, they came in when they heard a raccoon! I wonder what Bear Grylls would have done? I went to the mall this morning, and probably just missed getting mugged, but the security guy was there keeping an eye out for people. A neighbor dropped her two year old off because she had to care for her father and grandmother who are in the hospital. Right after, another friend stopped by to chat with Hubby. I walked the dogs with Ms. D, and because someone forgot to take the pizzas out of the oven for lunch, I had to run out to get some more. Poor girl, she even dropped a plate that I had to clean up because I was the one wearing shoes. When I came back from the pizza place, another neighbor dropped off a little Christmas gift. A herd of boys is here, which explains why I would go out for more pizza. Ms. D is all excited because she thinks she recognized one of the ambulance drivers who were at a neighbor's house. I'm glad she didn't have another seizure, though she hasn't had any since the weekend. So anyway, I have a pile of laundry, a few more dishes, a messy house, some more Christmas gifts to make, and presents to wrap, yet all I'm doing is sitting at the computer and writing. What a responsible adult I am right now!

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