Monday, December 12, 2011

Staying at the PICU

It's a good thing I had lots of prayer from my friends at church Saturday. I knew something was about to happen, but couldn't imagine that the something would be that Ms. D would have seizures today.

This morning she was a bit off. She slept in and was a bit spacey. Now it's not uncommon for Ms. D to act this way on a Monday morning, especially after a weekend of parties and excitement. She didn't have much of an appetite, which isn't uncommon either. So around noon, we went to walk the neighbor dogs. She suddenly slumped and twitched just a little. At first I thought she just fainted, and called Black Belt Daughter to come and pick Ms. D up, since she couldn't walk well. When I got home, I was on the phone to the advice nurse when Ms. D really had a seizure, so I had Black Belt Daughter carry her to the van and I drove to the emergency room where she had more seizures.

So after a ambulance ride to another hospital with a PICU for observation, we are spending the night. Ms. D has medication and she is resting. She'll have more tests and see a neurologist tomorrow. Hubby brought a computer, my phone charger and some food. Mr. I is upset, but he was able to see Ms. D here when she was more comfortable andMicro Bio Daughter is camping out with him tonight in the living room by the Christmas tree. It has been so good to have the support of all the kids. It's amazing how each one is thinking of things to help Ms. D, Mr. I, and me. I love my family!

So tomorrow, Hubby is planning on taking Birth Mom to visit Ms. D. Birth Mom is really upset and didn't understand what seizures were when I first texted her from the emergency room. It took a while to calm her down tonight. I'm praying it will go well because she can get pretty frightened by medical things. But I think it will be good for both Ms. D and Birth Mom to have a visit. At least she'll see that Ms. D is getting awesome care. Everyone has been so kind and competent. I have just enough medical background to see when something is not done well.

It will be interesting to see what the doctors come up with tomorrow. While I've been sitting around, I searched and found that people with FASD have an increased incidence of seizures. It makes sense. But now I need to try to get some sleep.

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